Java Enterprise Development

Our team of developers are adept in both front end and back end development. They understand the intricacies of the market and develop products based on the customer needs and their ease of access. We use Java for Android development along with Android Studio to develop wonderful applications. We further understand Spring Boot and utilise it to support our back-end with micro services.

Website Development

We specialise in HTML, CSS and Java Script. We also use Angular JS in our work to keep up with the dynamic market and the world of I.T. We also are adept in Agile Methodology Scrum.

Data Management

Our developers skilfully utilise Firebase Realtime Database to always keep our database up to date in this age of information.

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Our vision is to inspire and nurture young and energetic minds, providing them the right platform to perform their best and bring helpful products to the society.

Working with Computer Software Solutions has not only helped me grow into matured personnel in the world of I.T. but also helped me get out of my comfort zone and gain the real time insight into the world of internet. My time here has made me feel much confident everyday while I continue to learn more and be industry ready while working with the company's vision of bringing helpful products to the society.

Aakash Decosta

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I have been working with Computer Software Solutions for over an year and it has been an extremely enriching experience for me. I am learning something every day and exploring new horizons to increase my field of knowledge. I had started with Android development and I am gaining new insights gradually. I look forward to grow more under the experienced mentorship in this field.

Ankan Halder

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I am proud of being a part of CSS as Java Developer. I have gained much of my technical experience while working with its support I have grown my career. I have developed a lot as CSS helped me with many challenges and opportunities. In CSS you always have a voice in your team no matter who you are, I am glad to be part of it. I am also happy working with my colleagues and wish all the very best for the future opportunities.

Pooja Ghosh

My internship at CSS LLC has helped me experience situations in the IT world that can't be taught just by sitting in a classroom. The daily scrum calls which included discussing the project status, new ideas, technologies helped me learn more than books ever did and made me into a practical person. The challenging tasks made me explore the critical intricacies of simple programming language and how to use them efficiently in our applications. My experience here has made me industry ready, crack interviews with ease.

Shubham Palkar

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With a career in Software development spanning over 20 years, there is no field in the software world Mr. Sudeb Mitra has not ventured. From software design to coding to technical analysis, he has gained immense experience and considered an expert in the field. He founded Computer Software Solutions LLC with the vision of bringing helpful technological solutions to the world and helping enthusiasts who are ecstatic about entering the world of I.T. by providing them with the right platform to learn and grow.

Sudeb Mitra


It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of the CSS team. It is a great place to learn and grow. My experience here has given me a clear vision of how the IT world works. I eagerly look forward to learn more, understand more and come out as an expert in the field.

Moumita Sen

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